Reasons why you should practice Social Networking Etiquette

Internet has been a daily need in one individual’s life. Back then, a past not so long ago, you could only count people who has internet connection but nowadays, it has been considered a necessity. And with latest technology trends, you can be connected in the World Wide Web just by using your phone. Thus, makes it more convenient for end-users to hook up to their social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply and MySpace, in just one touch. There is even a social network dedicated for phone-users only, the FourSquare Mobile. But with such technology, we must not forget to still show respect and etiquette to other online users. I will be giving some pointers and reminders for online etiquette specifically to Facebook users out there.Here are some things that we, as one of the many social networkers, somehow need to correct and be reminded of such courtesy and responsibility."First"First is to NEVER post "First" as a comment in a post that a friend or fan page has. It has a tendency to show that you are asking for attention from other users. And frankly, it is just annoying to see a comment that really makes no sense at all with the post.SpammingNext would be spamming. It’s irritating to read posts and comments that have no other intention but to drop links and spam. We all have witnessed spam posts when liking or opening an application that seems legit but has no other intention but to give malicious contents on our page or on our friend’s page. Somehow we are responsible for such incidents. If we really don’t know or if it is unnecessary for us to open or like suspicious application/s, we must not bother and waste our time to indulge ourselves with it.Anger ManagementMoving on, stop posting things or events that concerns your rant or anger on one people or organization. It is somehow reckless and immature to leave such posts or comments. Not that it is an improper way of dealing things, it may cause you more trouble cause you posted it online, which a lot of people would be reading, either agreeing or criticizing you for that matter. So better yet, don’t do it.Unlike insteadThen next would be asking your friends and the friends of your friends to like a page or comment that you requested them to. One way or another, this scheme seems like a marketing strategy for people who created a page that requires more people to know and like it. Facebook, as a social networking site, was not made for this purpose. But don’t get the wrong idea. It’s not bad to like a page or comment, if you really like it or as a favor to a friend, but it’s just upsetting to see a post asking for you to like a page when you really don’t know what it’s all about. Take this as a note, anything that you liked on Facebook, tells others your real personality.Lights OnThen lastly, don’t post pictures of you that are unappealing and unpleasant. Remember, whatever you’ve posted online, will remain there and you may not undo things or photos that has already been posted. Also, if you want others to respect you, then don’t leave a picture that will let others offend or criticize you cause of that picture that you have posted.